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Welcome to

Sweet and Sour Gastronomy Business Consultant

“My partner and I are from opposite corners of the globe,

with divergent skill sets and contrasting perspectives.

That's precisely why we named our venture Sweet and Sour.

However, we share a core ethos:

When life hands us lemons, we don't just make lemonade;

We craft Limoncelo and dance the night away.”

Bridging the Alps

and the Tropics:

From Zermatt to Bali

Born in the prestigious landscapes of Zermatt and

seasoned in the vibrant culture of Bali,

Sweet and Sour is more than just a consultancy —

it's a revolution in gastronomy and hospitality.

Led by a world-renowned Michelin Starred Chef,

and fortified by a seasoned Marketing and PR aficinado.

we bring to you an unparalleled decade of industry experience.

Uniting Two Worlds

Into One Harmony

Our executives uniquely unify two worlds.

Our CEO, a visionary in the global culinary scene, is committed to spreading culinary wisdom far and wide not only through food but also music as he is also an intermittent DJ.

Working alongside is our storytelling maven, who specializes in bringing the nuances of Balinese hospitality to light.

The result? Enhanced customer experiences and stellar public relations for your venture.

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Your Challenge, Our Solutions

Founded in 2022, Sweet and Sour provides unparalleled gastronomy consultancy services,

adaptable to the unique needs of each client. Whether you're launching a new venture

or grappling with existing challenges, our tailor-made strategies offer comprehensive solutions that translate into effective results.

  • 🌐 Global Perspective: We bring a wholesome diversity; an international lens to your business needs.

  • 🎯 Tailored Solutions: We adapt our services to fit your specific challenges and goals, ensuring maximized success for your venture
  • 🍴 Culinary Mastery: Benefit from the expertise of a Michelin Starred Chef to elevate your culinary offerings.

  • 📣 Strategic Communication: Enhance your brand's voice and customer relationships through our specialized Marketing and PR strategies.

Why choosing Sweet & Sour

Bridging the Alps

and the Tropics:

From Zermatt to Bali

We don't just consult; we partner with you to create sustainable solutions that adapt and grow with your business. Our customized approach ensures that you receive the most effective and strategic guidance aimed at both immediate improvement and long-term success. Contact us :



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+62 881-0383-5470​0​m

Our Clients:

“PR and Communication isn't just an occupation to me; it's my true passion. Walking this uncharted path alongside my partner fills me with joy and a profound sense of fulfillments.

Allow me to share the remarkable journey we're taking together”

Fenty S.Prawiraatmadja, CMO & Story Teller


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The Culinary Brilliance of "After Seven's" Youngest Double-Michelin Starred Chef; Florian Neubauer

Europe's youngest double-Michelin starred chef behind 'After Seven' draws inspiration from life's intricacies. His philosophy: "to see the new, change the view, taste the menu," showcases his deep appreciation for nature, culture, and people.

Beginning his culinary odyssey at 16, he trained in Michelin-starred establishments, including with industry giants Heston Blumenthal and Tim Raue. Now, at the helm of 'After Seven', he's crafted distinctive dishes like the “Pigeon Cappuccino” — a fusion of confit pigeon leg, liver creme brulé, and coffee foam.

For him, 'After Seven's' menu echoes Peter Pan's adventures in Neverland, with his personal favorite, the innovative After Seven’s Pho, standing out.

His passions don’t end in the kitchen. He has revamped 'Vernissage' into a comprehensive lifestyle destination, merging art, dining, and entertainment. He also conceived 'Diner’s Club', offering a distinct winter dining experience.

His advice to aspiring chefs? "Open your mind without losing your mind." Amidst Zermatt's snow, 'After Seven' emerges as his ultimate "Dream."


SWISS offers its inflight guests gourmet dining from ‘After Seven’ in Canton Valais

SWISS International Airlines has partnered with Zermatt's high-end restaurant, After Seven, to elevate its in-flight dining experience for First and Business Class passengers. The collaboration is part of SWISS's long-standing 'Taste of Switzerland' program. Renowned Michelin-starred chef Florian Neubauer, known for his innovative approach and multiple awards, will be curating the menu featuring Canton Valais delicacies.

“SWISS and After Seven share the same premium philosophy, and derive the same sheer pleasure from pampering their guests,” says Julia Hillenbrand, Head of Brand Experience at SWISS. “We both attach huge importance to delivering the highest service quality. And I am delighted that, from today onwards, we can offer the culinary creations of this innovative Valais kitchen aboard our flights.”

“For me, cooking and travel are closely connected,” Florian Neubauer adds. “It’s my passion to discover the new and to play with ingredients from other countries. So I’m particularly pleased to have this opportunity to bring the varied tastes of Switzerland closer to SWISS’s inflight guests.”

His culinary journey is a testament to perseverance and passion. Starting at the age of 16, he honed his skills under the tutelage of Michelin restaurants and renowned chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Tim Raue. Two decades later, he held a prestigious recognition as Europe's Youngest Double-Michelin Starred Chef his passion remains as fervent, now helming the kitchen of 'After Seven'.


Hanging Gardens International Celebrates 17 Years with Unique Culinary Adventure

To mark its 17th anniversary, Hanging Gardens International (HGI) is introducing 'The Wondrous Seventeen', a unique gastronomic experience spanning seven courses over 170 minutes, available for just 17 days. Chef Ridwan Hakim collaborates with Michelin-starred Chef Florian Neubauer and Josef Sukuf from After Seven Restaurant for this venture.

Guests can anticipate an exquisite balance of savory and sweet dishes, using locally-sourced produce and highlighting items like chicken liver, amaranth, leek, pulpo, chorizo, duck, lamb, and coconut-infused petit fours.

This limited-time feast begins Thursday across all HGI properties: Dinner at Hanging Gardens of Bali and Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa (7-9:30 p.m.) starts at Rp 2,100,000++ per person, while lunch at Elevate Bali (1-3:30 p.m.) is priced at Rp 1,700,000++ per person.


The Double Life of Florian Neubauer: Starred Chef by Day, Intermittent DJ by Night

Florian Neubauer, celebrated for his culinary expertise at Zermatt's "After Seven", is stirring excitement with a new passion: DJing. Beyond his acclaimed dishes, which resonate with his experiences at “Dinner by Heston Blumenthal”, Neubauer is now also setting the mood at the 'Diner's Club' in the Backstage Hotel Vernissage.

Marrying the intensity of the kitchen with the thrill of the DJ booth, Neubauer finds a common thread: the rush of adrenaline. Whether crafting a dish that pushes culinary boundaries, like his unconventional chicken hearts, or dropping a beat that gets the crowd moving, it's all about evoking emotions.

Drawing parallels between crafting a menu and curating a DJ set, Neubauer believes both should offer an unforgettable experience. As he dives deeper into the world of music, his commitment remains unwavering, aiming to give his all, whether behind the stove or the turntables.

In a nutshell, an evening in Zermatt with Florian Neubauer promises not just a feast for your taste buds but also for your ears. Keep an eye on this culinary-musical virtuoso; he's a double threat worth watching.

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From Zermatt's Peaks to Bali’s Beaches; Introducing KLIVE Beach Club and the Sweet & Sour Revolution by Chef Florian Neubauer

Imagine a place where culinary brilliance meets architectural wonder; Nestled in Bali's southernmost white sand Melasti beach lies KLIVE Beach Club the world's first seven-tiered beach club and Indonesia's only venue boasting Michelin-star culinary finesse. Here, I get to bring my Michelin-starred skills into an unparalleled dining experience. KLIVE isn't just about taste; it's an immersive journey engaging not 5 but 7 senses, including balance and proprioception.

Yet, KLIVE is just one part of a grander vision. Together with my dear partner Fenty, we've launched Sweet & Sour, a venture poised to revolutionize gastronomy and hospitality.

With a decade of unparalleled experience under our belt, Sweet & Sour is spearheaded by the collaborative brilliance of a world-class culinary and a seasoned Marketing and PR aficionado.

Our different backgrounds, contrasting perspectives, and diverse skill sets coalesce harmoniously, epitomizing the spirit of our venture's name. As my partner often jests, “While we hail from opposite corners of the world, our shared ethos is what binds us. When life throws lemons at us, we don't settle for lemonade. We craft exquisite margaritas and let the music guide our feet.”


Babylon Berlin ; A New Year's Eve Journey into Glamour and Mystery at Vernissage

Step into a world of glamour, mystery, and timeless elegance at Vernissage's New Year's Eve Bash, inspired by Babylon Berlin. The festivities begin with a Champagne Deluxe Apero at 6:30 PM, setting the tone for a night filled with captivating acts, mesmerizing DJs, and an atmosphere that transports you back in time.

Indulge in an elegant dinner experience at one of our exceptional restaurants: AFTER SEVEN, our Michelin-starred haven on the 2nd floor of the Backstage Hotel, offers a 7-course Deluxe surprise menu for 480 CHF per person. DINER'S CLUB, located in the Vernissage cinema, presents a vibrant 5-course surprise menu at 340 CHF per person. For an exclusive celebration, head to the VERNISSAGE BAR in the basement, offering a 5-course surprise menu at 300 CHF per person.

Our attentive service team will escort you to your reserved table for dinner between 7 PM and 7:15 PM. Whether you're seeking fine dining, a lively atmosphere, or an exclusive setting, your culinary desires will be met.

As the clock approaches 11:30 PM, seamlessly transition into our NYE Party "Babylon Berlin." This marks the culmination of our delightful dinner service and promises an exciting start to the new year. Enjoy music, dancing, and festive spirits featuring Andreas Wessels, Duo Acrobatic Strap Dance by Laura-Mona, Guest DJs, and a chance to win a door prize to the first 7 layers beach club in the world, KLIVE Beach Club Bali. Chef Florian Neubauer takes the role of Culinary Curator and International Brand Ambassador. Your presence is the missing piece to our unforgettable night!


Get Ready for Pulsating Beats! Sweet and Sour presents a new party line this winter in Vernissage-Zermatt

Welcome to the hottest winter musical expedition! Sweet and Sour proudly introduces a new party line brought to life by none other than the culinary maestro turned DJ extraordinaire, Florian Neubauer, a.k.a. Chef De Tune. This winter, we're exclusively taking over Vernissage, turning it into the epicenter of Zermatt's music scene.

Chef De Tune's Culinary Beats: Florian Neubauer's passion for music takes center stage as Chef De Tune, serving up a delectable blend of beats that will tantalize your senses.

Vernissage Vibes: Zermatt's top DJs will be spinning the most infectious tunes, creating an atmosphere that's nothing short of magical. The Bar Session offers a free entry, ensuring everyone can groove to the rhythm.

The Big Pulse at the Art Gallery/Main Stage: Brace yourself for the crescendo! The grand spectacle, 'The Big Pulse,' unfolds at the Art Gallery/Main Stage, featuring a star-studded lineup of Zermatt's finest DJs and a special Guest DJ from around the globe. This is where the heartbeat of the night reaches its peak.

Save the Date - Dec 20, 2023: Mark your calendars for the grand launch at the Art Gallery. It's not just a party; it's a sonic journey you won't want to miss. Be there as we kick off the winter season with beats, rhythm, and a pulse that resonates through the heart of Zermatt.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we transform Vernissage into the ultimate winter music destination. Stay tuned for more updates, surprises, and the rhythm that will define your winter nights!




Picture this: an electrifying beats spectacle right in the heart of Zermatt! We're bringing you a lineup of top-tier names that are currently dominating the world stage The founders of Ostfunk Berlin Goanautika Daniel Boon and Basstronauten accompanied by some of the most talented national artists.

Brace yourselves for a night that promises to be nothing short of unforgettable—the kind of night you'll talk about for ages. Feel the pulse of the beats and join us at the Vernissage Club as we turn up the heat 2 nights in a row.

Doors Open at 10:30 PM and stay tune at our Facebook Event for the UPDATE



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